Who We Are

This web site is a focal point for the ancestors of families who migrated from Virginia in the 1600s and eventually made it to the New Hope, Green Bay, Blue Springs and Jackson Town communities of Covington County, Alabama (5-10 miles south of Opp). The Family Tree databases you see on this site contain family members that span from the 1600s to today. The trees start in VA or NC and show the migrations to SC, GA, AL, FL and TX. Click here for my article about the families who migrated to southeastern Covington County, including William Enoch Jordan.

The familes featured on this web site at the present time are as follows:
- Jordan  
- Hammond (Hammonds, Hammons, Haman)
- Jackson    
- Simmons
- Carroll     

The family trees included on this web site contain many other related families. Click here to go to a web site that contains a full database and visual display capabilities for these families.

One of the ancestors of Covington County, AL families was John Hammond, Sr. of Robeson County, NC. John was a Lumbee Indian who was born in North Carolina around 1747 and died there after 1811. Some of John's descendants married outside the tribe and migrated to other parts of the United States. Others remained in the tribe and in North Carolina. The information you will find on this site covers both sets of descendants. Click here to go to the links for Lumbee Indian information, including their connection with the Lost Colony of Roanoke Island.