North Carolina's "Lost" Colonists

This is a list of the known names of members of the second colony at Roanoke, also known as the 1587 Colony, or  The "Lost" Colony.

The total number of colonists was119 two of which (Gov. John White and Simon Fernandez) returned to England in August 1587. George Howe was killed on Roanoke in August 1587 leaving a total total of 116 that were "lost" plus two indians: Manteo and Towaye.

Lost Colonists and the Lumbee Indians  One theory among many as to the ultimate destiny of the Lost Colony.

NOTE: Historians are not all in agreement on the exact original number of this second colony at Roanoke; this list contains the known names gleaned from the original records. It is possible there were others whose names have not been discovered.

List of Roanoke Colonists (1587):
White, John -- governor,  "Cittie of Ralegh"; [returned to England, Aug 1587;
when White finally returned to the colony, arriving Roanoke in August 1590,
the colonists he had left behind in 1587 were gone.]
Allen, Mauris
Archard, Arnold
Archard, Joyce - [female]
Archard, Thomas - [child]
Arthur, Richard
Baily, Roger - [asst. to Gov. White]
Bennett, Marke
Berde, William
Berry, Henry
Berry, Richard
Bishop, Michael
Borden, John
Bridger, John
Bright, John
Brooke, John
Browne, Henry
Brown, William
Burden, John
Butler, Thomas
Cage, Anthony
Chapman, Alis - [female]
Chapman, John
Cheven, John
Clement, William
Colman, ____(?) - [female]
Colman, Thomas,
Cooper, Christopher - [asst. to Gov. White]
Cotsmur, John
Dare, Ananias - [asst. to Gov. White]
Dare, Elynor - [daur of Gov. John White; wife of Ananias; mother of Virginia]
Dare, Virginia - [b. 18 Aug 1587 on Roanoke Isl.]
Darige, Richard
Dorrell, Henry
Dutton, William
Earnest, John
Ellis, Robert - [child]
Ellis, Thomas
English, Edmond
Farre, John
Fernandez, Simon [asst. to Gov. White- ret. to Engl, Aug 1587]
Florrie, Charles
Gibbes, John
Glane, Elizabeth - [female]
Gramme, Thomas
Harris, Thomas
Harris, Thomas --[possibly represents two diff people of same name]
Harvie, Dionis - [asst. to Gov. White]
Harvie, Margery - [female]
Harvie, ____(?) - [b. on Roanoke]
Hemmington, John
Hewet, Thomas
Howe, George [asst. to Gov. White; killed on Roanoke Island, Aug 1587]
Howe, George - [child]
Humfrey, Thomas - [child]
Hynde, James
Johnson, Henry
Johnson, Nicholas
Jones, Griffen
Jones, Jane - [female]
Jones, John
Kemme, Richard
Lasie, James
Lawrence, Margaret - [female]
Little, Peter
Little, Robert
Lucas, William
Mannering, Jane - [female]
Martyn, George
Merrimoth, Emme - [female]
Myllet, Michael
Mylton, Henry
Newton, Humfrey
Nichols, William
Paine, Henry
Pattenson, Hugh [yes, PatteNson]
Payne, Rose - [female]
Phevens, Thomas
Pierce, Jane - [female]
Powell, Edward
Powell, Wenefrid - [female]
Prat, John - [child]
Prat, Roger - [asst. to Gov. White]
Rufoote, Henry
Sampson, John - [asst. to Gov. White]
Sampson, John - [child]
Scot, Thomas
Shabedge, Richard
Smart, Thomas -[child]
Smith, Thomas
Sole, William
Spendlove, John
Starte, John
Stevens, Thomas - [asst. to Gov. White]
Stilman, John
Sutton, Martin
Tappan, Audry - [female]
Taverner, Richard
Tayler, Clement
Tayler, Hugh
Tomkins, Richard
Topan, Thomas
Tydway, John
Viccars, Ambrose
Viccars, Ambrose - [child]
Viccars, Elizabeth - [female]
Warner, Thomas
Warren, Joan - [female]
Waters, William
White, Cuthbert
Wildye, Richard
Wilkinson, Robert
Willes, William
Wood, Agnes - [female]
Wotton, Lewes
Wright, John
Wyles, Brian
Wyles, John
Wythers, William - [child]

Indians who were in England and returned home to Roanoke with the colonists:

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